American vs British Music

>I guess it’s nothing new to discuss how America has a huge blind spot when it comes to music. For some reason, we’re in love with musical artists from the British isles of Ireland, Scotland and England. But where at all on the radio are the rest of the musicians harking from places beyond that?I have recently fallen in love with listening to an online musical sharing site called and because of the connections it helps me make I have discovered that there is a lot of great music beyond my near-Quaker obsession with the 60’s based folk modes of the Joni Mitchells and James Taylors of my youth. I had literally stopped listening to music from the last decade, having had my eardrums denuded by the crap that spewed throughout most of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Yes, Grunge, I’m talking to You. And Heavy Metal, you’re right behind.

What I have been finding out, much to my amazement, is that the new cool music is coming from well beyond the shores of the British isles. I’m talking about Other European Countries. What will it take for local stations to notice this discrepancy? Is it all too much for them to digest, given that they are paid robots of the recording companies?

What I find the most ironic is that some of the most beautiful music I’ve discovered, such as Ida Maria (Norway) , the National Bank, (Norway) and Jenny Wilson (Germany) are only touring as far west as Ireland. How tragic is it that what, when America still lauds as some of the most “inciteful and cutting edge” musical artists hail from Ireland – let’s just say Bono, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor and their ilk, are the ones we can expect to gain huge following at our stadium concert venues, but those of eastern European or northern European descent? We never hear of them.

When is this wonderful global economy going to reach where the kids can appreciate it?

For me, I’ll have to continue to dig deeper within my group of neighbors and my actual local neighbors, who happen to be quite musically versed themselves. I guess the moral of this story for me is that anything worth knowing about is worth spending some time digging around to find out about. But also, we in America are still racist pigs and dig on Northern European music. And while I am personally a gigantic sucker for traditional Irish Music, I don’t agree that they should guard the gates of Rock and Roll for the New America.
Let Europe have a chance. Let them rock for once.

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