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>Sure sign of the end of times…good programs on the G-d Station?

>Last night, after spending a good chunk of a beautiful Sunday indoors working on a planning session with my new boss (can you feel the bitter remorse? smell the autumn leaves? the ones I didn’t get to go hiking in?) I came home feeling slightly deflated and in need of some airy-fairy televisionary entertainment. Flipping around, I literally found nothing but sports, re-runs and boring folderal on the usual network channels (whatever can still be captured by the Rabbit Ears, at least until February) but lo, and behold – my clicking finally turned up the perfect thing; Steve Carrell in what looked to be…. yes, it was! The Forty Year Old Virgin! Woo hoo!

I had only seen this movie one time (as opposed to some folks I know who will consider it a crime *not* to see good movies over and over until the dialogue becomes part of daily parlance),so I was just swollen with excitement. Joy unbounding. But you know what they say about undeserved happiness.. right? Crap, I forget, but it goes something like ‘you can’t always get what you wa-hant’ and ‘nothing good comes for free’…. but…. anyway, I guess the fact that this channel was somewhere between 20 and 33 should have clued me in to the horror that lay ahead when I found out…

I was watching the G-D CHANNEL! Well, okay technically not *the* G-d channel, since He only knows that there are WAY more than just one in the DFW area and it wasn’t even one of the Big top Two, but there it was… good wholesome advertising, nucular families (sic: Bush) and lots of groovy messages about the Christian way of living. Not that I am harshing on that at all.

I just find it very amusing that the only good stuff left on non-cable tv is not on any of the three top networks. And also very ironic that it should be on a Christian station. As my grandma would say, “bless their hearts!” And bless Steve Carrell. I would think our saviour would be funny too.

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