>The Hunger

>Um, how did I miss seeing this awesome movie? And why did I just find out about it tonight? (oh wait, I was researching the title because I wanted to write about something else, and found out what I’d been missing.)

Okay, it’s got all my favorite weirdnesses. Vampires, Susan Sarandon, vampires, David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, ancient Egyptian queens, vampires, Ann Magnuson, Bauhaus, BELA LUGOSI IS DEAD, and some homo-erotic weirdness to boot. (cover your eyes if you are under 16 or better yet, log out now!) Okay, so where was I?

This sounds like it could possibly be my favorite movie ever. It might even take the place of Hedwig and the Angry Inch as my all time favorite, but it would have to have an awesome soundtrack as well as story line, and from the looks of things, it just very well might.

I think I have my Halloween plan! What about you? I have to warn you, my apartment hides its own type of hunger. Oh yes. Beware. Don’t get too near the fish or they might… PESTER you. Yes, PESTER you with their sad, doleful expressions of hunger. Two large feedings per day never seem to quell their insatiable lust. Then there’s my cat. She, too, will ply your heartstrings with her existential moans and purrings. Oh yes. She’ll have you opening that can of tuna in no time.

And after you’re the slave of the house pets, then what? I shiver to think of it.

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