Musings on the nature of G*d

>I have neglected writing for too long, so I’ll start out slowly so I don’t pull a muscle.

First of all, there is something I want to share about the reality of the unreal in our lives.
Yeah, I’m talking about angels. The great Beyond. God. Whatever you call it, it’s real. And it caused me to not be dead right now. Yes, so more on that (in hopefully better grammar) in the near future.

For now I want to address the approaching holiday of Valentines. To that end, I’d like to share one of my favorite songs that never fails to put me in a state of near hysterics…. emotions ranging from nostalgia to sadness to wistfullness to hopeful bliss and back again to nostalgia.

This wonderful little gem of a song is called Romeo and Juliet from
Dire Straits.

I think it was released around 1985 or thereabouts; right about the time when I was discovering the glorious differences in the sexes (yes,I WAS a very late bloomer, thanks for noticing!). I had a neighbor in the dormatory down the hall, we’ll call her Nancy since that was her real name and I doubt she will ever read this in a billion years. She was in love with a sweet emo-esque rocker boy with big poofy hair who was a high school dropout. She, a Junior in college at the University of Colorado, was very much the model of decorum, living as she was in the Smart Foreign Person’s Dorm. But alas, she was neither one nor the other… what she was, in fact, was very vulnerable and addictable and sweet as all get-out. I loved her. But so did every boy that met her. I could not help nor protect her from the fallout of her illfated relationships.

But one night she told me that she’d had a ‘date’ with a boy who she’d fallen in love with, and this was the song that reminded her of their love. Forever more, it always reminded ME of her big love and resonated for ever… for all lovers. For all time. I’m just a sap that way.

Happy Valentines Day!

xoxo, Chris