The Underwater World of Christine Cousteau

I dressed up as Jacques Cousteau for Halloween.. in COLLEGE.  Yes, I was *that* geekazoid, walking down Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado wearing what was more oft-mistaken for a Ghost Busters suit (matching backpack/ray gun assembly) than SCUBA gear.  But now you understand why this article made me so happy:

How did I miss this new aquarium methodology?  How did it whiz right over my head, while I was harboring a pefectly good 20 gallon fish tank right here in my living room?  I’ll admit, my live plants never did as well as the fish.  (I credit my awesome filtration unit for the fish)  But I always secretly wanted to have this lush, green, almost (dare I say) GLAMOROUS underwater environment!?  To see these pictures by the amazing Japanese photographer mentioned in the article, one can envision swimming alongside manatees or barricudas in the tropical waterways and riverbottoms of such great rivers as the Congo and the Amazon.  What’s so lovely about this new concept in aqua-scaping is that one pays more attention to the plants than to the fish.  This results in a miniturized landscape, with hills and valleys and cliffs and dells…  the (tiny tetra) fish swoop up and over these like flocks of birds seen at a distance.  So mesmerizing.  So poetic. 




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