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Watch out for Dust Bunny Golem!

Sasquatch?     He leaves big footprints… big deal!

Loch Ness Monster?     Nothing but a giant sized bath toy.

Godzilla?    One big giant match striker. 

THIS  guy is Super Large, and more than in charge.  He scares old people in their slumbers, and keeps young children from ever sleeping at all.  He is the one and only… Dust Bunny Golem. 

Makes me shiver just knowing he lives and breathes under my bed… must be time to clean!   *(thanks are due to Tom Sale, aka Pinky Diablo, for posting this hilarious photo on FaceBook.)



2 thoughts on “Watch out for Dust Bunny Golem!

  1. who is this man they call Pinky Diablo?!

    1. Some say he is nothing more than a local legend, but those of us who’ve experienced the phenom know differently… We await his next creative endeavor with adequate doses of sheer terror and joyful delight!

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