Lindsey Adelman Studio

These wonderful organic light fixtures are handcrafted by a design group in New York who work in blown glass, metal, fiber, and paper.

I’m really impressed with the modern designs and the way the artists brought their various specialties to the fore. 

Molecular, biological, clean… all these words come to mind as I admire all of these creations.  Sigh.  At $1750 per globe.. I will just keep on dreaming. 

Lindsey Adelman Studio   195 Chrystie Street Unit 203D, New York, NY 10002 
T 212 473 2501  F 718 679 9365 / M-F 10-6 /

2011 Pricing + Details
Pricing for Bubble chandeliers is calculated at $1750 per globe. 
Knotty Bubbles $2900. to $15,000.
Terrarium $3,900.



White Rock Local Market- This Weekend!

It’s going to sizzle on that black asphalt, I can already tell.  Thank goodness I found a plastic woven ‘carpet’ to put down.  The 10′ white tent has been worth it’s weight in gold – we’ve used it for about 6-7 outdoor events and I cannot fathom having done them without it.  I still manage to get a little sunburnt – the rays must penetrate the plastic – but nowhere near the shrivelled mess I’d be without it. 

We are getting more clever every time with our heat-combating measures.  Steve packs a LARGE cooler with ice and waters, which we offer to customers and friends.  (they tend to stick around longer!)  Plus this time, I’m whipping out the super-dorky neck coolers that I sewed up last week.  Can’t wait to see how long the cool will last when it gets to cookin’ out there this coming Saturday!

Good news – I’ll have lots of new earrings, plus lots of new ceramic pots and what-nots (creepy baby heads) from my summer school classes at Richland.  Hoping to have lots of folks turn up so that we’re distracted from the heat!   Here are some of the styles I am working on:


Push me to Petal Pushers!

Petal Pushers Florist – 2615 Oak Lawn Avenue
Suite #103, 75219

I have been fortunate to have some of my work picked up by a wonderful new florist called Dallas Petal Pushers.  Formerly located on Gaston across from Baylor Hospital, owner Shelley Robertson moved the store to Oak Lawn in recent weeks, with a grand opening this past weekend. 

I love the way Shelley’s team, including Tanya and Julie, have organized and decorated the space, with lots of great gifts for sale in addition to the obvious – FLOWERS! 

These guys are in the front window – it’s hard to get a shot through the glass so I leaned over… that’s why it’s at a wonky angle.   Here’s a different view from the back:

And here’s my creations looking all grown up and ready for their close-up!   Thanks to all the gals at Petal Pushers.  I will definitely be giving them some business.  They have a great website too, at