Push me to Petal Pushers!

Petal Pushers Florist – 2615 Oak Lawn Avenue
Suite #103, 75219

I have been fortunate to have some of my work picked up by a wonderful new florist called Dallas Petal Pushers.  Formerly located on Gaston across from Baylor Hospital, owner Shelley Robertson moved the store to Oak Lawn in recent weeks, with a grand opening this past weekend. 

I love the way Shelley’s team, including Tanya and Julie, have organized and decorated the space, with lots of great gifts for sale in addition to the obvious – FLOWERS! 

These guys are in the front window – it’s hard to get a shot through the glass so I leaned over… that’s why it’s at a wonky angle.   Here’s a different view from the back:

And here’s my creations looking all grown up and ready for their close-up!   Thanks to all the gals at Petal Pushers.  I will definitely be giving them some business.  They have a great website too, at http://www.dallaspetalpusher.com/

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