White Rock Local Market- This Weekend!

It’s going to sizzle on that black asphalt, I can already tell.  Thank goodness I found a plastic woven ‘carpet’ to put down.  The 10′ white tent has been worth it’s weight in gold – we’ve used it for about 6-7 outdoor events and I cannot fathom having done them without it.  I still manage to get a little sunburnt – the rays must penetrate the plastic – but nowhere near the shrivelled mess I’d be without it. 

We are getting more clever every time with our heat-combating measures.  Steve packs a LARGE cooler with ice and waters, which we offer to customers and friends.  (they tend to stick around longer!)  Plus this time, I’m whipping out the super-dorky neck coolers that I sewed up last week.  Can’t wait to see how long the cool will last when it gets to cookin’ out there this coming Saturday!

Good news – I’ll have lots of new earrings, plus lots of new ceramic pots and what-nots (creepy baby heads) from my summer school classes at Richland.  Hoping to have lots of folks turn up so that we’re distracted from the heat!   Here are some of the styles I am working on:


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