Caring for Succulents & Cactus

Information gleaned from the California Cactus Center:

I find that alot of times, when asked questions at the shows we do, sometimes we don’t have time to answer everyone’s questions, are distracted by other people, or sometimes folks simply forget to ask before they leave our tent with new succulents in hand.  I posted these entries to try to be a better seller and steward of the living environment with which I deal!

Light: Bright or filtered light.

Water: (Outdoors) During warmer months, water once a week, or when soil is near drying. Some succulents may have to be watered more often. Check soil for dryness by pushing your finger or a stick into the soil. If the soil feels cool or damp, there is still moisture in the soil. During winter months, water once a week or when soil is dry.

(Indoors) Water once every 2 – 3 weeks, or when soil is dry. Plants near a sunny window might need more frequent waterings. Cacti and succulents which are grown indoors would benefit from a day outside where they can enjoy ample air circulation. 

Caution: do not place indoor cacti in a hot, sunny area, as they will burn.

Keep in mind that cacti and succulents are able to withstand drought better than wet soil. Let the soil dry out between waterings, as drenching an already damp pot may result in rot.

Fertilize: Once a month with a balance cactus fertilizer (powdered form, diluted in water), or once a year with a slow-release, granular, cactus fertilizer.

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