Under the Big Top…or the 10′ White Tent from Sam’s

We snapped some pics back in October at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, which coincided with the third annual Zombie Walk.  We didn’t do much business, but had alot of fun watching the blood-soaked shoppers go by.  Some days you just have to go with the flow, even if it’s coming from a vein.  ewwwww!! 

We tried out our new steel pipe necklace display rack.  It’s heavy to load in, but can withstand massive wind gusts.

Did I mention there were zombies?

We’re always playing around with new ways to lay out our tent for maximum sales appeal, with a respectful nod to the weather.  (sunshine is necessary to see stained glass, wind can tangle necklaces and blow earrings into the next block, and heat can destroy just about anything, including our spirits.)

We bought a cool string of ‘blinged out’ skeletons from another vendor, and immediately used them to add some spooky sparkle to our own tent…which was looking mighty spring-like.   Is it the end of the day yet?  (my feet look like they hurt!)

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