Last market of the Year, Dec. 8!

WRLM Holiday posterDon’t miss it!  We’ll be there with a slew of new small and teensy pots for gifting and medium/large ones for keeping.  Yes, they live really well indoors over the winter.  Succulents are alot like animals – once they find a cozy window or tabletop they just soak in the sun and glow.  And grow.   So…go!

In addition we have truly funky Christmas tabletop trees and star ornaments made from recylced cd’s, very simple “Abacus” trees on chopsticks, and lightbulb vases.  Some new jewelry designs too! 

We look forward to seeing all ya’ll. 

Chris & Steve

OneFish, TwoFish Designs

Advocating for Local Businesses is why we love the Advocate!

 We couldn’t be more humbled and pleased by our mention in the recently released December edition of the Advocate Magazine (East Dallas), mainly because we have so much respect and love for the publication.  They always do such a great job of supporting local businesses and highlighting our neighbors that it makes us even more happy and proud to call east Dallas home.  Here’s the mention:

Chris Unruh, One Fish Two Fish (and Steve Dickson)

Gift idea: potted plants
Price range:
Where to find it:, craft shows

ED Chris Unruhdip 2012 Holiday gift guide

Chris Unruh Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Chris Unruh is experimenting with doll heads these days.

Some people don’t really get it, she says. But when she uses them to mold cement heads, which she then hollows out and plants succulents inside, some people love them.

Unruh, who went to FIT and designed jewelry in New York for five years, discovered hypertufa, a porous material made of Portland cement, peat moss and either pearlite or aragonite, on a road trip in March 2010. She was on the way to her grandmother’s funeral and reading her stepmom’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine when she found a story about the stuff. The cement mixture is great for growing plants.

Aside from doll heads, Unruh uses yogurt cups and found Styrofoam forms to make hypertufa planters.

“I get excited about trash the way some people get excited about chandeliers,” she says, pulling pieces of Styrofoam from a bin.

Unruh’s company, One Fish Two Fish, sells online, and she is at craft fairs and shows at least two weekends a month. Some of her designs are smooth and geometric; others are rough and rustic. She uses found auto glass as sparkly mulch for the plants.

“This glass came from a wreck on Garland Road,” she says.

Unruh credits her husband, Steve Dickson, for hauling around untold hundreds of pounds of Portland cement. They were married two years ago, and Unruh works part-time for her husband’s structural engineering firm. She also sells her handmade jewelry at

Market in the Meadow!

So I really loved the opening monologue on SNL this last Saturday with Christina Applegate, which became a song and dance.  She was praising the last days of ‘no holidays’… that sweet spot of time in mid-October right before all the holiday madness descends in earnest.  Well, for me that time has come and gone.  It’s officially Halloweenusthanksgivingchristmasnewyearsicus….already.  Weeeee. 

We’ll be ‘celebrating’ with our All New wares at Market in the Meadow this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, so ya’ll come down and check it out!  It’s a heck of a show, it’s free, and the vendors are all over the place – from handmade silver jewelry  (like my good buddy Kim Morris to groovy one of a kind antique and vintage-y crafts (like my sister Kim) to the yummy food vendors, hawking delicious cheese balls.  You are probably wondering if I ‘do’ Christmas items.  Well, here’s the proof:

Abacus trees, cd trees, happy crafter!











cd stars, made from upcycled cd’s procured from a local recycler!

Appreciation photos are so very… appreciated!

Thanks so much to Molly Terry, who recently bought one of my creepy concrete cast baby heads at Thursday’s Design District Show.  She told me of her plan to install a tilandsia (air plant) into the floral frog that I had glued inside the head, and not only did she do a splendid job of styling her CBH, but she took the project up a notch by sending me this amazing photo.  Bravo, Molly!  In fact, I think this is spawning an idea for me.  Anyone who buys anything from me at a craft fair will recieve a discount coupon via email if they go home and snap a neat photo of the piece in its new location – whether it be home, office, or even a friend’s home.  Just email the photo to, and then watch the blog and your email!  Note:   the pics don’t have to be *this* nice, folks… I failed to mention Molly is a professional stylist!

Greetings from Mars (New-ish Work)

I’m still here… hiding out indoors, far away from the blistering heat which has mercilessly attacked our backyard with temperatures over 100.  Add to that the lethal mosquito population (news flash:  the 10th death to West Nile just reported a few minutes ago – about 5 miles from my home.  Yippee.)   My workspace is starting to resemble this: (yes, this *is* the surface of Mars)  My attitude is not too far off the mark either…shriveling.

It’s hard to want to get out there and do the important work that we crafters do to fulfill the world’s insatiable need for handcasted concrete pots, so I’m taking it easy.  I have gotten out in the morning and evenings, despite the fact that mosquitoes really like to mess around at dawn and dusk, just to keep my hands in the game.  Here’s a few pics I’d like to share.  Can you sense that my heart is already in December with all this Christmas stuff? 



Planters for all the spaces of your home!

Even though our house is awash in a sea of hyper-tuffa’ed goodness, I still can’t help but appreciate a fine bit of potted design once in a while.  This one might need to find a home in our modern house sometime soon, yup?

This is called the “City Planter” and is available at Potted in Los Angeles. (or online!)

What I find so beautiful is the use of negative space, as well as subtle texture and coloration.  Bravo!










Dinosaurs or Aliens?

Every kid seems to be into dinosaurs these days.  That’s cool.  But it seems to me that dorks and nerds of my generation were more fascinated with aliens.  I’m sure it had alot to do with popular culture (which is behind all that Gen X interest in dinos, I might add); movies, books, radio… well, maybe not radio, I’m not THAT old!  I’m sure the face that I was that weird kid spending time out of the hot Texas sun in the cool corner of the public library, reading old sci-fi books written in the 50’s and 60’s had a lot to do with this alien interest for me.  (Ray Bradbury was a huge proponent of the Martian agenda, ya know.)

So all this is to explain why I am fascinated with the idea of little glowing space pods to light up your room at night; just a tiny bit of nightlight action… enough to count the eyes on that monster from Planet X who is coming to abduct you and do unspeakable things!    Here is my offering to your world, available at the next show or soon on Etsy;  the battery-powered concrete UFO nightlight!

Fall Shows to Look Forward to!

Here is a beautiful example of *one* thing I am digging on this summer:  Glass installations by Dale Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum.  This on is located behind a wall of water, taken at night.  Wow.

In general, however, summer in Texas never fails to bum me out, even when there are loads of new ideas in my sketchbook and a nice, big new studio in which to work!  Am I just a whiny baby who can’t deal with the heat of Texas?  That would be an affirmative, my friend.  However, there’s nothing like the first crisp day to instantly lift my gloom and get me doing the Snoopy dance again!  So let’s all get on the trolly and imagine that we’re already there… in September, or better still, October!  

We’ve already got some shows coming up in those months, so if you’re a planner and you really want to find us this year. feel free to mark up those calendars! 

September 8 – White Rock “Everything” Market:  8:00 am till 1:00 pm

October 13 – White Rock “Everything” Market:  8:00 am till 1:00 pm

October 20-21 – Market in the Meadow Holiday Gift Show – Forest Meadow Junior High School,  9373 Whitehurst Drive, Dallas, 75243.  Saturday hours are 9-5, Sunday hours are 11-5

November 10 – White Rock “Everything” Market: 8:00 am till 1:00 pm

November 17 & 18 – Plano Parks & Rec 34th Annual Christmas Crafts Fair – Oak Point Recreation Center, 6000 Jupiter Road.  Saturday 9-5, Sunday  12-4

December 8 – White Rock Holiday Market: 8:00 am till 5:00 pm

Please stay tuned, as there will be more added soon!  Thanks so much.  We look forward to seeing you.

Every day should be a fiesta!

Am I right, folks?  Would it be so bad to wake up and find your living room sparkling from top to bottom with shiny banners and glittering flowers, all lighted up with tiny (or giant) Christmas lights?  That’s just *another* one of many things I love about the Mexican influence, as one finds in these two far-flung locations:  Mi Tierra Restaurant and Panaderia, in the Mercado in San Antonio TX; or off the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Yes, I can see bedazzling my home like this… but I have a feeling we all might get headaches from the sheer joy of straining our necks looking up all day.  So, I will settle for visiting these spaces when I get the time to travel there.  sigh….

These pinatas grace the ceiling of the panaderia at Mi Tierra…

And these white lights glimmer among golden banners to create a glow that lights up the faces of diners. 














Is this just joyful and lovely?  Why not swath your front door in a colorful blanket flowing out of glitter-dusted fake flowers, metalic stars, and sky-blue ostrich feathers?   I mean, I guess the real question is… why not?

And then, there is a long passel of old hand-decorated Christmas balls that sent me over the top in a candy store in Santa Fe.  Apparently, much like Mi Tierra, this place stays festive all the year long.  That might explain why the balls look a bit dusty and worse for wear, but you can see that they were lovingly crafted a good many years ago and therefore make me happy.  Am I now inspired to do some Christmas crafting?  Probably!!

Gorgeous Geology

Rock hounding refers to the hobby and pastime of collecting rocks…and I’ve been a ‘hound ever since I was a kid, splashing around one of many North Dallas tributaries of White Rock Creek, where the white limestones are thick as fossilized milk.  There is something about picking up a rock – the sense that you are embarking on a journey to a land so many years back in history that it boggles the mind – and also the hope that there might be a fossil or a valuable gem someplace inside or around the edges.   This is why I can appreciate my husband’s box of rocks, which has has been hauling  around from home to home over the last 50 years.  Meanwhile, I’ve managed to whittle my own ‘rock situation’ down from Code Red (eminent landslide) to Code Yellow (small plastic box taking up coveted space in closet).  While I sometimes regail him with snippets of geological factoids when we pass a rock-cut, I had no idea that he’d eventually become a rock junky again…but that’s just what I think is happening!  Why?  Well, just recently on a trip to one of the best places on earth (for everything rock, including music!), Taos NM, it was *his* idea to return to a local rock shop, where we proceeded to scoop up several nice (yet surprisingly inexpensive) specimens.   We wanted to get at least one from New Mexico, and when we both saw this, we sort of collectively went ‘ooooooooooohh!’ It’s a type of  halite (a member of the salt groups) with blue clouds, from Carlsbad, New Mexico: