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Bulb planters…

…a bright idea?  All I know is this:  I’m reusing old dead lightbulbs (which are in abundance in the freecycle community because they are hard to dispose of properly) and grass and sedum from the backyard = Cuteness!   Could not believe how well the plants are doing after only 3.5 weeks.  Both have literally doubled and are now poking out the top – the grass is putting on seed.  Awww, it’s happy! 

3 thoughts on “Bulb planters…

  1. I love this idea!!! I’m recycling about a dozen cans for wedding decorations. And it feels good not needing to buy stuff I wouldnt use very often. I can’t imagine getting a dozen vases. 🙂
    Thanks for the visit!

    1. Cans will be very nice! When they are cleaned up they have a naturally industrial chic thing going on. I am holding on to old tuna cans these days… thinking they might look cool planted with some low-growing sedum, mosses or lithops succulents.
      We used paper bags filled with sand (traditional Mexican decorations) to line the ‘runway’ for the bride and groom… natural and cheap. The family helped us craft them up the day before – I think we used a few 50 pound bags of sand and several hundred paper bags. For the later party in Dallas I got a hold of several dozen glass straight-sided vases (about 12″ tall) at the Dollar Tree. Later I sold them for the same price at a garage sale. The goldfish we had in them went to a friend’s pond. : )\
      There are so many fun ways to be creative and express yourselves – after all it IS your day! Thanks for your comments. C

      1. Thanks for this interesting reply! How do you remove the glue stains on the cans? I couldn’t remove mine so I’d covered them up. So you got the vases at a dollar each? That’s a gd buy! Well garage sale aren’t popular here. I could give it a try! Provided I find a great deal like you. 🙂

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