And it’s Creepy Doll…that always Follows You…

I dedicate this furry-headed Creepy Doll to one of my favorite composers and song-stylers, whose hilarious tunes have kept me smiling whilst creating said creepy dolls for your enjoyment.  In case you haven’t heard him, please look up Jonathan Coulton and show him some love. 

In a town in the woods at the top of a hill
There’s a house where no one lives
So you take a big bag of your big city money there and buy it
Then at night when you’re all alone
And the house is dark there’s a noise upstairs
At the top of the stairs there’s a door so you take a deep breath and try it

And the flashlight shines on something moving just inside the door
There’s a tattered dress and a feeling that you’ve felt somewhere before

And there’s the creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a ruined eye
That’s always open

And there’s a creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole

So you scream and you close the door
And you tell yourself it was just a dream
In the morning you head into town cause you want to go antiquing
In the store there’s a strange old man
With a wandering eye and a withered hand
When he hands you the old wooden box you can hear his old bones creaking

And you know what you will find inside the moment that you see
That someone carved your name into the tarnished silver key

And there’s a creepy doll
[ From: ]
That always follows you
It’s got a ruined eye
That’s always open

And there’s a creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole

And when you come home late the doll is waiting up for you
And when you fix a snack the doll says it would like one too
The doll is in your house and in your room and in your bed
The doll is in your eyes and in your arms and in your head and you are crazy

Now it’s late and you head downstairs
Cause you just can’t sleep and you make some tea
And the doll disapprovingly asks if you really need that much honey
You decide that you’ve had enough
And you lock the doll in the wooden box
You put the box in the fireplace next to your bag of big city money

As the smoke fills up your tiny room there’s nothing you can do
And far too late you see the one inside the box is you

And there’s a creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a ruined eye
That’s always open

And there’s a creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole

New York Hearts The Fish

Everywhere we looked there were images of fish on our trip to New York recently;  on the walls of a Cuban sandwich shop; on the walls of a subway in Brooklyn; on ancient Chinese dishes at the Metropolitan!  What does this tell us?  You decide.

Subway at Metrotech Station in Downtown Brooklyn

Ming Dynasty serving dish with lovely celadon glaze, found at Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Koi are a beloved image in Chinese art of all kinds.

The Best Something in New York!  Was a pulled pork sandwich or a taco?  Does it matter when they have cute artwork outside?  We only were sad we’d already just eaten when we found this little joint in the east Village.


Upcoming Shows!

They are springing up on our calendar faster than those weird wild onions in the yard.  Here’s where the Fish are going to be in the coming weeks:

March 30, FridayMi Escualita Preschool, 8:00-3:00 at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, corner of Preston and Walnut Hill (see flyer below for more)

April 14White Rock Local Market – 8:00 am -1:00 pm at 702 N. Buckner Blvd,

April 21Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – 11:00-5:00.  We’ll be under the metal awning, not in a tent this time.  Located at 2820 Indiana Blvd.

May 12 – (TBD) White Rock Local Market– 8:00 am -1:00 pm   702 North Buckner Blvd., http://www.whiterocklocalmarket.

May 19Deep Ellum Market (TBD)

May 20White Rock East Garden Tour & Artisans – I hope to be on Daytonia, our fair street, however I won’t know yet. TBD.  There are nine gardens usually on the tour, with three in Little Forest Hills (our n-hood).  Times:  11am-5pm Tickets: On Sale at Casa Linda Park and at one home in east ‘hood.  Info from last year:  Http://

May 25Pegasus Market – Friday from 11-2 at Pegasus Park in Downtown Dallas.

Springtime in Dallas=Trip to Northpark!

Ever since kid-dom, I have associated the advent of spring with these things:  Tiny peeper frog down by the creek, fuzzy growths on the mimosa tree in the yard, and a trip to Northpark Mall to check out the spring decor.  Since there were no interior displays to speak of this year, however, I reveled in the gorgeous displays of colorful tulips and bright green grass in the newish couryard!

Even on a cloudy day, this is one beautiful place that Dallas can be very proud of.  Even the outdoor eateries have panache and style.

Did I just teleport to Europe or New York?  Seriously, this is one sweet porch.

And to top this beauty off, there are gorgeous things in the stores.  I had never been inside Desigual before, but this is my new favorite place, si!  The style is kind of Dali meets Gaudi and they share some electric koolade on a dark day in the middle of summer:

Also at the inimitable style-maker store Anthropologie, I located some terribly spring-y dishes from Portugal that have such a wonderful hand-made feel from the weight to the differences in the crackled glass glazing:  do I want some for the new house?  Do cats like to have their butts scratched?  (sorry photo gone)

Oops, I think the effects wore off on me!  I think I see some easter eggs rolling off the grass in to the Adidas store…

And then here’s our new Easter Tradition:  Shooting Peeps with b-b guns!  I *know* it sounds sort of horrific, but until you try it, don’t knock it.  Let’s face it, those things are pure spun sugar and you’ll get diabetes just looking at them…it’s better to just shoot them.  Talk about a Family Fun Adventure for your stay-cation!

Try it sometime with your family.  Just be sure not to invite anyone with a beef to share… safety first!

KittiCo Cat Rescue receives donation

Thanks to all of  you who came out and supported Steve and I today at White Rock Local Market, there are some feral cats and kittens in Dallas who just got a little helping hand.  We thank you on their behalf.  (look – they sent us a nice receipt!)

Warm regards, Chris and Steve aka OneFish, TwoFish Designs 

Donation Details

Confirmation number: 7CD646244R945282M
Donation amount: $14.05 USD
Total: $14.05 USD
Purpose: KittiCo Cat Rescue
Reference: oneTime
Contributor: Steven Dickson
Message: This donation represents 5% of sales from items crafted by OneFish, TwoFish Designs at White Rock Local Market on 3.10.12!

Mystery Plant *Not* from Outer Space! (we think)

Finally, some hard answers to all of our soft musings about this strange, mutant plant I brought home from Redenta’s and offered for sale recently. 

There it was… a weird little dark green spiky plant, sitting all alone on the bottom shelf, kind of off to one side.  When I bent to pick it up, suddently a bolt of lightening struck.  When I looked down, it wasn’t just dark green and spiky anymore – somehow  it was now covered in a thick layer of purple fur!  But I paid the guy, and took it home anyway.  Later I made a pretty cool concrete pot and transplanted it.  Wow, it really seemed to like that.  So far so good… I still have all my fingers.  However I did think it shifted slightly when I pricked my finger on that cactus…

Purple passion velvet plants (Gynura aurantiaca)

Purple velvet plant, also known as purple passion plant, is a native of Indonesia. It belongs in the family Asteraceae.  Mystery solved.   Or is it?  Come see for yourself at White Rock Market tomorrow!  “Auburn” will be there for your viewing enjoyment.  I might even let you take him home, for a small (red) fee.  bwa haahahhahahaa!

Charity Starts at Home

Steve and I decided to go with our love of cats when we chose the charity we’re going to start giving 5% of our sales to for this coming season.

What we like is that this organization is locally based in Dallas, catering to the abundant feral and neglected cat population here.  Since living on lower Swiss avenue many years ago, I’ve done some trap and release on about a half a dozen cats, including nursing the mom’s already born kittens back to health.  This group works tirelessly against the onslaught of unwanted kitties born every year, stopping the problem by fixing them and re-releasing them into their current clan/community, where they can live out their lives hunting vermin and living in harmony with nature.  Sometimes, they are also able to find forever homes for the ones that are not truly feral or have been abused/neglected/thrown out by previous pet owners. 

Please check back to the blog for updates on our donation successes! 


Awesome Local People: Maureen Keating

Friends, please take a moment to click over to the Local People tab on this blog and learn about a local photographer who you will want to call upon to document the most amazing moments with your animals and kids.  Seriously, folks.  She can make even a plant in a concrete pot look elegant.

Recurring Craft Events in Dallas, Spring 2012

Several folks asked me to give them the deets on the Dallas craft scene as I know it.  I will be brief and list the ones that are Dallas-based and which recur every month, starting in March and going through to December. Here they are in the order that they occur each month: 

Bishop Arts Market – First Saturday (and Sunday) of the month, in the parking lot adjacent to Odd Fellows cafe and Chang Thai.  8:00 am – 3:00 pm or later:

White Rock Local Market – Second Saturday of the month from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm (with a second show occuring fourth Saturday just for local growers) in parking lot next to Green Spot gas station and market, on Buckner road:

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – Every Third Saturday of the month, on either side of Malcolm X Boulevard behind Cafe Brazil (which is on Elm Street) in the covered parking lot and in the tents across the road.  Goes from 10 am till 5 pm generally:

You can find out about annual shows and events all around the metroplex here: and also follow as well as  I hope that helps you out somewhat.  I’ll post here on this blog which shows we will be attending.  Hope to see you out there!