Charity Starts at Home

Steve and I decided to go with our love of cats when we chose the charity we’re going to start giving 5% of our sales to for this coming season.

What we like is that this organization is locally based in Dallas, catering to the abundant feral and neglected cat population here.  Since living on lower Swiss avenue many years ago, I’ve done some trap and release on about a half a dozen cats, including nursing the mom’s already born kittens back to health.  This group works tirelessly against the onslaught of unwanted kitties born every year, stopping the problem by fixing them and re-releasing them into their current clan/community, where they can live out their lives hunting vermin and living in harmony with nature.  Sometimes, they are also able to find forever homes for the ones that are not truly feral or have been abused/neglected/thrown out by previous pet owners. 

Please check back to the blog for updates on our donation successes! 


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