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Mystery Plant *Not* from Outer Space! (we think)

Finally, some hard answers to all of our soft musings about this strange, mutant plant I brought home from Redenta’s and offered for sale recently. 

There it was… a weird little dark green spiky plant, sitting all alone on the bottom shelf, kind of off to one side.  When I bent to pick it up, suddently a bolt of lightening struck.  When I looked down, it wasn’t just dark green and spiky anymore – somehow  it was now covered in a thick layer of purple fur!  But I paid the guy, and took it home anyway.  Later I made a pretty cool concrete pot and transplanted it.  Wow, it really seemed to like that.  So far so good… I still have all my fingers.  However I did think it shifted slightly when I pricked my finger on that cactus…

Purple passion velvet plants (Gynura aurantiaca)

Purple velvet plant, also known as purple passion plant, is a native of Indonesia. It belongs in the family Asteraceae.  Mystery solved.   Or is it?  Come see for yourself at White Rock Market tomorrow!  “Auburn” will be there for your viewing enjoyment.  I might even let you take him home, for a small (red) fee.  bwa haahahhahahaa!

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