Springtime in Dallas=Trip to Northpark!

Ever since kid-dom, I have associated the advent of spring with these things:  Tiny peeper frog down by the creek, fuzzy growths on the mimosa tree in the yard, and a trip to Northpark Mall to check out the spring decor.  Since there were no interior displays to speak of this year, however, I reveled in the gorgeous displays of colorful tulips and bright green grass in the newish couryard!

Even on a cloudy day, this is one beautiful place that Dallas can be very proud of.  Even the outdoor eateries have panache and style.

Did I just teleport to Europe or New York?  Seriously, this is one sweet porch.

And to top this beauty off, there are gorgeous things in the stores.  I had never been inside Desigual before, but this is my new favorite place, si!  The style is kind of Dali meets Gaudi and they share some electric koolade on a dark day in the middle of summer:

Also at the inimitable style-maker store Anthropologie, I located some terribly spring-y dishes from Portugal that have such a wonderful hand-made feel from the weight to the differences in the crackled glass glazing:  do I want some for the new house?  Do cats like to have their butts scratched?  (sorry photo gone)

Oops, I think the effects wore off on me!  I think I see some easter eggs rolling off the grass in to the Adidas store…

And then here’s our new Easter Tradition:  Shooting Peeps with b-b guns!  I *know* it sounds sort of horrific, but until you try it, don’t knock it.  Let’s face it, those things are pure spun sugar and you’ll get diabetes just looking at them…it’s better to just shoot them.  Talk about a Family Fun Adventure for your stay-cation!

Try it sometime with your family.  Just be sure not to invite anyone with a beef to share… safety first!

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