The Garden Tour is TOMORROW! 10:00 – 5:00

….and we are SO ready to share with you our newest creations! 

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Nine creative gardens in Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills and Casa Linda Estates will be showcased this year, featuring terraced landscaping, peaceful retreats, large organic gardens, water features, lavish outdoor entertaining venues, fun and funky art, and incredible landscaping, trees, and flowers. It will inspire you to work in your garden! We hope that you enjoy the White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour as much as we enjoy showing off our gardens, homes and neighborhoods at this unique annual event. In addition to dedicated gardeners, these neighborhoods are home to many talented artists who will have their unique creations for sale in the gardens.

Tour date: Sunday – May 20, 2012  – 10:00AM – 5:00PM

THE POPE GARDEN – 8358 SAN FERNANDO WAY (The Fish will be here!)
Sponsored by Harry Morgan Realtors

Two plum trees and profuse blackberry bushes in the front parkway mark the Pope garden as a plant lovers’ delight; on entering, discover Japanese maples, Harry’s garnet, iris, inland sea oats and a whole host of perennials. Setting the back garden uniquely apart, a large chicken coop houses a dozen laying hens! You’ll immediately notice two sizable rain barrels that assist in keeping this garden “natural” during our extended droughts. The hardscaping is particularly striking, featuring a screened porch, a large cedar arbor, and an incredible walk-in pool with a waterfall and fire pit. The marvelous diversity and serenity of this yard and garden is an emphatic invitation to spend time lingering and exploring its many charms and delights.

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