I know I’m a bit late in honoring the Queen’s Jubilee, but here it is anyway.  A few wonderful depictions of my favorite piece of jewelry, the crown.  How often in life do any women get to wear these?  Isn’t it time for a change in fashion?  Can we please bring these back?


4 thoughts on “Crowns!

    • The skull crown came from a random site I was visiting a few weeks ago. I’m sorry I cannot recall what it was but it reminded me of Kali Ma, the goddess of Destruction and Regeneration! Freaky and disturbing…she eats her babies as they emerge from her womb. Wow.

  1. I love that skull crown. What is the story? Who made it? Who owns it? Wherever did you find the photo. I must all these answers or I”ll never sleep again.

    • What is it with that skull crown? I thought it was particularly bizarre but beautiful. My fave was the spiky steel one studded in amethysts, worn by Charlize Theron in Show White! Now in Theaters! Seriously, it’s a great movie. Try to go see it.

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