Dinosaurs or Aliens?

Every kid seems to be into dinosaurs these days.  That’s cool.  But it seems to me that dorks and nerds of my generation were more fascinated with aliens.  I’m sure it had alot to do with popular culture (which is behind all that Gen X interest in dinos, I might add); movies, books, radio… well, maybe not radio, I’m not THAT old!  I’m sure the face that I was that weird kid spending time out of the hot Texas sun in the cool corner of the public library, reading old sci-fi books written in the 50’s and 60’s had a lot to do with this alien interest for me.  (Ray Bradbury was a huge proponent of the Martian agenda, ya know.)

So all this is to explain why I am fascinated with the idea of little glowing space pods to light up your room at night; just a tiny bit of nightlight action… enough to count the eyes on that monster from Planet X who is coming to abduct you and do unspeakable things!    Here is my offering to your world, available at the next show or soon on Etsy;  the battery-powered concrete UFO nightlight!

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