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Last market of the Year, Dec. 8!

WRLM Holiday posterDon’t miss it!  We’ll be there with a slew of new small and teensy pots for gifting and medium/large ones for keeping.  Yes, they live really well indoors over the winter.  Succulents are alot like animals – once they find a cozy window or tabletop they just soak in the sun and glow.  And grow.   So…go!

In addition we have truly funky Christmas tabletop trees and star ornaments made from recylced cd’s, very simple “Abacus” trees on chopsticks, and lightbulb vases.  Some new jewelry designs too! 

We look forward to seeing all ya’ll. 

Chris & Steve

OneFish, TwoFish Designs

1 thought on “Last market of the Year, Dec. 8!

  1. Chris, it was a pleasure meeting you and your husband at the market. I have some fun photos for you but not sure how to send them to you. I’m also interested in the necklace with the heart on it, if you have not yet sold it.
    Please let me know.
    Penny Sadler

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