Expectations met!

LR bulb closeup…disappointment averted. Yeah! I think that’s about the best thing one can say sometimes. In this case, I’m referring to the nifty little lightbulb terraria/planters we made up this fall and winter. Some of you might have acquired one. If so, I truly hope they are alive and kicking as well as these are. They were stragglers from the last show in December, but will be available again in the spring (come onnnnnn, March!) quite full and frothy with succulent-goodness.

Mainly, I’m giving them alot of light (in this case north-facing; not out of strategy but out of necessity. It’s the only window with latches to hang them on in our new house) and a few tiny burps of water about every 10 days or so. I judge them on how dry they look. If we’ve got the heat on higher in the house, they will dry out faster. Since they are not closed at the top, they are not true terrariums, and so lose water like any open system will; just not as fast because of the bulb shape with the narrow opening at the top.

I’m just so excited that they are doing what I said they would, reaching up and out of the bulbs and into the sky!  Especially the little runty one on the right, below.  I was really starting to worry about him… but patience in all things does pay off.  And with sedum, I can say for certain that a little benign neglect is the best show of love.  Isn’t nature cool!?

LR bulbs 2

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