It’s the Glamorous Life for Us at Concrete Notions!

….and to celebrate what all the omens point to a great year for us Fish peeps, we’ve decided to rename our venture Concrete Notions!  It’s official too, and Chris cannot change her mind.  Why?  Because Steve already crafted this very cool metal table signage with the intials “CN” during one of his recent metal working classes.  Neat!

CN logo with bromeliad

We’re busy as beavers (cold beavers) crafting new pots back in the super-chic, uber-neat workshop.  This is the workshop:  our neighbors who get to enjoy this view could not be more pleased, we’re sure… Yeah, that’s a picnic table and a box full of what looks from this distance like garbage…. but look closer and you’ll see solid gold!  Golden resin, that is.  These are some new molds created using two-part rubber mix poured around custom-crafted models.  We’ve got some cool new pots coming out of these molds  Did we mention that?!  Oh yeah, well that’s the whole point of this exercise.

outdoor viewoutdoor table

There is even a new baby head, a bit fatter in the jowls and more cartoon-y that the previous baby, who was delicate and sweet in her features.  She’ll still be on the menu however.  Had to make another mold for her however, since her old mold gave out the ghost.  We’ve had to change the type of resin we were using for the molds – apparently concrete is very tough on silicone rubber and dries it out. 

outdoor potting tableAnd this is where all the magic happens… the potting table.  Isn’t it super glamorous, just like you imagined it?  Just exactly like Martha Stewart, if she didn’t employ a cast of hundreds to do all her work for her.  Anyway, you can see some of the new pots waiting to be matched with their perfect ‘forever partner plant.’  Awww.  That’s really the most fun part of the process. There is an artistic aspect to considering color, form, dimension, and scale that seems to be what will make our creations different from anything else.  Not always better, just different. 

Here’s a happy little family of freaks waiting to be picked up by someone just like you!  See how they are all very different, and yet sort of maintain a sense of like-a-tude?  That’s like a real family.  There’s always the good one, the trouble maker, the silly one, the troubadour… the one that ran away in a VW van and surfed all summer… I think it’s easy to see which one that one was (to the left, with the crazy surf hair). 
CN Family plants

Come see us this weekend at White Rock Local Market at the Green Spot!  It might be cool so bring your fleece and mittens.  See ya then! – Steve and Chris


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