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Why are babies so creepy?

They are supposedly so cute and cuddly, so why do faux babies (otherwise known as dolls) creep us out so much?  I blame the movie industry for jading us.  Then again, I wasn’t ever a fan of the dolls even as a young girl.  They seemed very limited in the amount of creative play one could get out of them.  Now give me some wooden blocks, some Leggos, and a chunck of PlayDoh and it’s game on!

pudge baby succulent 3.4 view

Nevertheless, to quell the growing interest in them as planters and objects of interest around the house, I have created a second baby doll concrete head for you to consider.  We’ll have a few at our next show (Lakewood White Rock Local, April 6) but you can order them here and prepay and I can either deliver or mail them to you. (there is a charge to mail)  The ones you buy online won’t have any plants, but you can request a metal floral frog or a tealight candle at no extra charge.  Tillandsia will soon be on offer (air plants) but these can also be potted up with small succulents or cactus, like this guy.  Love the side view; looks like he’s rocking a faux-hawk.  What a cool kid.  pudge baby and silver bowl

pudge baby faux hawk side view

3 thoughts on “Why are babies so creepy?

  1. I love my baby doll head by Truly Unruhly! I change out the head dress all the time with feathers, moss, flowers, air plants, wires and found objects. The succulent featured in this post is wonderful….. I am going out now to get that same kind! Thanks!

    1. Why, thank you Judy! I love the way you re-style your dolls each week. Hey why not take a few photos to upload on the blog?? Thank you!

    2. Thanks Judy! I love the way you re-dress your ‘doll’ all the time. Every time I see her she’s sitting pretty with something cute you found in the garden or during your hunting and gathering outings. Would you mind posting a photo sometime? I’d love to feature it here in the blog. Best, Chris p.s. happy Mother’s Day!

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