Bonjour, salaam, shalom, Konichiwa-wa!


I just love Michael Franti. His songs are so upbeat, positive, germain, and politically hopeful.

Hello Bonjour

I don’t need a passport to walk on this earth
Anywhere I go ‘cause I was made of this earth
I’m born of this earth, I breathe of this earth
And even with the pain I believe in this earth
So I wake up every mornin’ and I’m steppin’ on the floor
I wake up every mornin’ and I’m walkin’ out the door
Got faith in the sky, faith in the one
Faith in the people rockin’ underneath the sun
Cause every bit a land is a-holy land and
Every drop a -water is a holy water and-a
Every single child is a son or a daughter
Of the one earth mama and the one earth papa
So don’t tell a man that he can’t come here
Cause he got brown eyes and a wavy kinda hair and
Don’t tell a woman that she can’t go there because she prays a little
Different to a God up there
You say you’re a Christian cause God made you
And you say you’re a Muslim cause God made you
You say you’re a Hindu and the next man a Jew
Then we all kill each other cause God told us to? No

So hello, hello
Bonjour, bonjour
Hola, hola
Konichiwa, konichiwa

Follow me follow me follow me
Let me take let me take you to the dancehall now to come a rock this rhythm
Follow me follow me follow me
Let me take let me take you to the dancehall now to come a skankin’
Follow me follow me follow me follow me
Let me take let me take you to the dancehall now to come a rock this rhythm
Follow me follow me follow me
Let me take let me take you to the dancehall in a spearhead stylee
Now hear this!!!

So you dance to the rhythm
Bounce to the rhythm
Shake to the rhythm and you roll to the rhythm
Sweat to the rhythm, get wet to the rhythm
Make love to the rhythm, clean up to the rhythm
When you movin’…you come alive
And when ya groovin’… in rhythm we survive
So don’t panic don’t panic
No drum machine this is all organic
Just sly and Robbie on the drums and the bass
Stickie on percussion and we mashin’ up the place
Givin’ you a beat you can rock and roll to
Givin’ you a sound you can shake your soul to
Hip hoppas
Punk rockas
Roots rockas even Woodstockas
Don’t need a passport
Just send a postcard
Send me a message let me know how you are
Whether you are walkin’ or drivin’ in your car
Throw your hands high and tell me who you are

So hello, hello
Bonjour, bonjour

Hola, hola
Konichiwa, konichiwa

Bubble from Nigeria to Botswana
Bubble Botswana to Ethiopia
Bubble Ethiopia to Zimbabwe now
Bubble Zimbabwe to Mexicana
Bubble Mexico to Braziliana
Bubble Brazilia to Americana
Bubble from America to Japan
Bubble from Japan to China
Bubble from a China to Pakistana
Bubble from a Pakistan to Australia
Bubble from Australia to Palestina
Bubble from a Palestine to Israel
Bubble Israel, Booyaka, Jamaica
Bubble to Italia, Espana, Britannia, bubble, bubble dance to the sound

Expectations met!

LR bulb closeup…disappointment averted. Yeah! I think that’s about the best thing one can say sometimes. In this case, I’m referring to the nifty little lightbulb terraria/planters we made up this fall and winter. Some of you might have acquired one. If so, I truly hope they are alive and kicking as well as these are. They were stragglers from the last show in December, but will be available again in the spring (come onnnnnn, March!) quite full and frothy with succulent-goodness.

Mainly, I’m giving them alot of light (in this case north-facing; not out of strategy but out of necessity. It’s the only window with latches to hang them on in our new house) and a few tiny burps of water about every 10 days or so. I judge them on how dry they look. If we’ve got the heat on higher in the house, they will dry out faster. Since they are not closed at the top, they are not true terrariums, and so lose water like any open system will; just not as fast because of the bulb shape with the narrow opening at the top.

I’m just so excited that they are doing what I said they would, reaching up and out of the bulbs and into the sky!  Especially the little runty one on the right, below.  I was really starting to worry about him… but patience in all things does pay off.  And with sedum, I can say for certain that a little benign neglect is the best show of love.  Isn’t nature cool!?

LR bulbs 2

Baby, it’s Cold out there -or- Overwintering the Succulent Friends

LR in window1

I really do love winter. My friends tell me I get all happy and lively when the temperature drops. I prefer to think that the heavy mantle of summer has been lifted, and the ‘real’ me emerges from beneath it like the moon emerging from a misty haze. Whatever metaphore, I’m afraid it’s true. I am just not cut out for enjoying a hot climate like the one I find myself living in currently.

That being said, I’m afraid my little plant friends will disagree. They can handle the cold pretty well, for a time, but will show signs of unhappiness if left too long in the cold. Frost is really not high on their list of showy coatings either. So if you have purchased any of our succulents planted in hypertufa, and you live in North Texas, do please consider bringing them in until the temps return to less than arctic. Here are some groupings I’ve made of the many small ones we had in stock at the end of show season in December. Don’t they look cute all grouped up in the living room, along the wall, and in the kitchen? The cats have fun lurking around in them (yes, on the counter…sigh) and playing like they are tiny lions in the jungle.

LR table overwintering1

LR countertop1

And then there was also Jewelry…

three rings one mold

As so often occurs in the life of many a poor soul, one often suffers the vicissitudes of personal climate change. I don’t know why I felt compelled to share this, but probably because I’m looking to create waves in my own life in 2013 (the good kind, not the destructive tsunami type) that I’m looking back on where I’ve been. As mentioned in a recent Advocate article, I do in fact have a varied (and some might say shady) past including such avocations as jewelry designer, fund raiser, cookie baker,executive assistant, toilet cleaner, and international spy. Guess which one is not true. Shouldn’t be too hard. Then again, if you just exchange the word ‘fund’ for ‘heck,’ then you’d also have a correct answer.

At any rate, I was just reading a post from one of my jewelry loving, rant-obsessed compatriots living in New York who really had a great way with words (not to mention gemstones),, and it reminded me that once upon a time – oh about 15 years ago – I too made some pretty kick-ass jewelry! I was super proud of these rings, because they got some exposure in a cool store down in Soho. They were carved from a piece of heavy green wax and cast by a small family casting firm on 30th street. I don’t think I kept any, which is a shame, but I do still have the rubber mold…. so am thinking this might be a clue as to where the new year might take me!