Former life: Concrete


Some folks will remember that Steve and I used to sell these cute hypertuffa vases, complete with plants, at the Good Local Market (back when it was called White Rock Market or Green Spot), at Deep Ellum market, and Dallas Flea.  

I gave classes on this method at my shop, Makers Connect, which was located at 10242 E. NW Highway from 2014-2018.  But now I have come to recognize the damage the concrete has done to my lungs, and it’s just not worth it for all the fun it was to do.

Concrete = 1    Lungs = WIN

Two HT pots made using molds and inbedments

Concrete is at once a very modern material, and a very very ancient one.  To gaze at the great dome of the Haggia Sophia or the modern vaults of the Kimbell Art Museum are to witness the glories of concrete.   When I found out I could create objects with this material, I was giddy and enjoyed all manor of fun times creating new molds or finding the beauty in the shapes left by trash objects.



Stained glass is kind of a marvel to behold.  I love the stuff.  When I was younger, I attended a certain Dallas church just because I couldn’t get enough of staring at the walls, which comprised one giant modern stained glass sculpture.  I can see why the early pioneers of glassworking were commissioned to install work in Gothic churches.  The church elders believed that light, which was energy from God, would become even more ‘transformational’ to the congregants when viewed in the many colors and patterns created in the windows.  I totally agree.  

“Approaching the Vortex” 

“Eye in the Sky”

“Galactic Cheeto Supernova”  

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