“Where are they now?”

Rather like that cute/ugly gnome in the movie Amelie, my little Bart boys are getting quite the tour of the US (also Britain in Australia) thanks to some wonderful followers on Etsy.  This one recently landed in Chicago, and Joe was kind enough to share a photo of the little dude gracing the workdesk at his architecture firm.  How cool is that?!



This is one of my baby heads called Bart.  He’s fat-jowled and mischievious and could be a bit of a bully if it were not for his older sister, Althea.  This little guy is enjoying a charmed life in a lovely garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Thanks to Sherrie for sending me this photo.   She tells me her daughter approves of Bart..and she’s a tough critic, apparently. 

bart at sherrys brooklyn



Lynda Succulent on shelfI love this photo from my Kindred Voices friend, Lynda Doolittle.  She purchased this little guy from us at the White Rock Local Market last weekend with the full stated intent of giving it to her aunt, a gardener, as a thoughtful Christmas gift.  Her aunt is the kind of person who has it all, and does not need more.  (I know some folks like that myself, including my own mom and dad.)  They are in ‘shed mode’ and don’t appreciate getting some *thing* that requires them to think about where to put it, let alone dust it or maintain it.  So a succulent sure did make sense, and I had to agree, that even in a low light environment, this patty-pan succulent would do okay.  But, as fate would have it, Lynda decided to see ‘just how it would look’ on her windowsill.  It only took a moment to realize, this plant had found its home and was going nowhere.  Needless to say, her aunt will be getting something else this year for Christmas.  That’s okay, Lynda… we’re pretty sure she won’t be reading this blog.  :)_________________________________________________________

The Dallas Flea was alot of fun, and we met some very cool people.  This gal, Chrys, was super excited about my Correges-inpsired handbag, made with roofing washers (nailing discs).  We must say it could not have found a better looking home!  You go, girl.  Thanks for letting me snap this photo:


It’s so nice to have peeps out there who ‘get’ what I am doing.  Which is funny, because there are many days I don’t even get what I’m doing.  Still, they tolerate me and are kind enough to send photos of their purchases so I can see how my little fledglings are doing in their new environment.  Isn’t that neat?  I am offering a 10% discount on future purchases to folks who send pics, so please snap away.  This one if from Molly Terry, who acquired the Baby Headicus and added her own tillandsia:

And this one is from Laura Allen, who took a lighter/brighter approach to her subject using a cool instamatic app (I think)…

Great work guys!  I can’t wait to see more.

Appreciatively, Chris


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