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Order Spring Favorites in time for Valentines!

Shortie Laser Light necklaces make great gifts~ Find a color your friend or Valentine likes to wear, place an order here, and I’ll get it ready before Valentine’s Day!
What’s more sexy than long, lustrous, red drapery emerging from a sheath of gold? Well…. these earrings are both beautiful and yet easy to wear. They are lightweight, and stay on thanks to a secure side-loop fastener. You can order them in mono (all red, all clear, etc.) or multi tones. Just convo me from Etsy when you order and I will have them ready before Valentine’s Day.
Did you know what a round window is called? An Oculus; referring to the round Eye shape. These, too, are called Oculus earrings. Round is such a lovely, soft shape that many artists return to time and again. As jewelry, it tends to flatter the faces of most people. These bright pink Oculli are available in soft pink, light blue, dark blue, black, apple green, and more. Surprise your valentine with these lightweight goodies for $48.00. Order here.
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Spring Line is Live!

This year, Truly Unruhly is expanding into storefronts across the southwest and the nation. We’ve created proper line sheets with wholesale pricing and are on the lookout for opportunities with the right fit between our product and the shops, be they brick & mortar store front or online establishment.

If own or buy for one, (or know of one that you feel would be a good match) and would like a copy of our wholesale line sheets, please contact Chris at!

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Gift Cards now Available from TU Studio Jewelry!

So, you think your friend / sister / mom / best friend might like a piece of our jewelry, but just aren’t sure what color or style they might prefer? (maybe it’s been a hot minute since you had a chance to peek at their wardrobe). We get it. And now we have the ability to let you offer them a shopping experience and choose their own treasure from Chris’ trove.

You can pick out the card design and choose the amount, and then when they present it to us on their phones, we’ll give them all the credit they deserve.

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Shows, New Work, and More Shows!

“French Cigarette” Necklaces are taking off! (no lung cancer, just admiring glances!)

So much happening!

We want to thank everyone who has attended our shows in the past few months! We had Makers ReConnect, Etsy Bash, a few Good Local Markets, and the wild and wooly OddFest! A few photos of those coming up on the next post, but for now, here is where we’ll be for the rest of the season! To see a bunch of eye candy that I like to refer to as new designs, please check out the Instagram or the book of Face! Thank you!


Good Local Market

Saturday, November 16  

Time:  8:00 – 1:00 pm
Location: Lake Pointe Church
Address: 9150 Garland Road, Dallas, 75218


Cedars Open Studios Tour
Saturday, November 23
Time:  10:00 – 6:00pm
Location:  Cedars Art House, 1712 Gould


Northaven Gardens Holiday Show
Saturday, December 7
Time:  9:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Northaven Gardens
Address:  7700 Northaven Drive, Dallas 75230


Leslie’s Holiday Art MarketGood Local Markets- HOLIDAY MARKET
Saturday, December 14
Time:  10:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Armadillo Ale Works
Address: 221 S. Bell Avenue Denton, TX  76201  

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Makers Connect is making a Come-back!

Watch out! The shop formerly known as Makers Connect will actually be popping back up, like Brigadoon, for a short time on Thursday, November 7!

Eleven talented artisans, mostly harking back from the glory days of our brick-and-mortar location, will be showing up at Times Ten Cellars from 5:00 – 9:00 pm.

This show is free to the public, and will feature an edited group including:

Patti Haskins Critter Central – Lovingly hand cut, sewn and painted pillows and cat-toys, featuring images of cats, dogs, squirrels, opossums, and more.

Cimarrona Hats and Scarves – Leslie Kregel’s collection of fun-loving upcycled hats!

Hartline Interiors – Traci Hutton and her partner Jim create solid frames using upcycled wood from surrounding neighborhoods, as well as Traci’s primitive dolls and whimsies.

Tom Sale – Local agent provocateur and enfant terrible “Pinky Diablo” will paint you and your besties in full Dancing Skeleton mode! He’ll also have his one of a kind Skull Spoons.

Robin Ayres – Incredible jewelry fashioned from plastic and resin tiny toys of the past, along with old buttons and game pieces.

By Barnhart – Reid Barnhart’s one of a kind hats and jackets, mixing the textures and colors of many old blankets, table clothes, and home dec fabrics in winning ways.

Eliza Epstein – Soulful and smooth jewelry creations, including jaw-dropping gemstone pendants set in silver and expertly strung beaded necklaces.

Tracy Lynn Tucker – Simple, lovely jewelry with heart and soul built right in.

Chris Unruh – Truly Unruhly Studio Jewelry. Modern, graphic, and sometimes none of the above. But always something to wear, admire, adore, and give to a loved one.

Andrea Smith – Retro-inspired tiny gemstone trees mounted on semi-precious stones are delightfully reminiscent, while taking on a modern bonsai feel.

Kelley Cheek – Take it Easy Designs. Amazing printer, bookbinder, and stamper who regularly leaves her work behind to create joy and pass the love forward in the world.

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Truly Unruhly supporting Trees with 5% of all Sales now through End of the Year!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a tree hugger…. and was really crushed by the loss of trees in our area during the microburst/freaky storm from hell that blew in out of nowhere on the afternoon of Sunday, June 9.

We had been out of town for a wedding, and were in the process of driving back when the text messages started pinging our phones: the first one from our next door neighbor, the next from a family member, and still more from other neighbors – telling us that they had trees down, we had trees down, and oh, by the way…. now the electricity is out!

Thankfully it was only a few days (blessedly cool ones at that) in which we endured the loss of electricity; but the many giant trees and limbs that were lost will not come back to us so quickly.

When I think about what I am grateful for, especially during the summer, I think about shade and respite from the heat. Trees make SUCH a difference. I want to make a difference for them. The city of Dallas parks department estimated more than 600 trees have been lost, and it’s going to take more than the budget allows to get them replaced, watered, cared for, etc. My plan is to continue with these donations at least through the end of the year. Every purchase you make from Truly Unruhly starting today will go toward that effort.

Thank you!

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New Materials: New Work

In my search for ways to make lighter, brigher earrings – it occurred to me that aluminum might be another fun avenue to explore. And so I ordered some. While I was waiting for that to arrive, I found the white limestone rocks during a trip to my local library. The green ceramic buttons came from a recent trip to Taos, New Mexico. Am I loopy or just having too much fun? I’ll let you be the judge.

Success! You're on the list.
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“Oh no! I’ve been Ma’med!!”

Oh.  My.  God.  It’s happened again.

I took the afternoon to do some harmless boutique schlopping (that’s shopping/schlepping, k?) around parts of Dallas that generally remain pretty far west of my usual stomping grounds; namely, Inwood Plaza and Snider Plaza.  (I missed a few more plazas, like Preston Center and Highland Park, but I’m saving those for another day)  Despite the main MAIN reason of jump-starting my imagination and energy level while taking advantage of the lack of road congestion (and unexpected by-product of Spring Break!  Yeah, Mexico!), the main idea was to learn what new boutiques existed around Dallas that weren’t around five, ten, twenty-odd years ago.  To me, those boutiques of yore seemed to exist in much greater numbers (not too surprising, thanks to existing prior to online- everything and super high commercial real estate)  They were owned by high-energy, often eccentric gals who had ideas of their own about what to show in their shops – and would often give a local artist a chance to show their work on a consignment basis.   (I know this because I was one of those artists!)


Knowing that these type of stores have slid mostly by the wayside, I still sallied forth hoping that in the well-paved, monied parts of Dallas there might lurk an undiscovered glittery mushroom, harboring a fairie-godmother with my name on her.  One who seemed capable of liking my slightly weird, one of kind handmade creations and would give me a chance.

It’s not that they don’t have beautiful jewelry – they do!  I just didn’t feel like they would be open to new designers.  Maybe I am being overly negative and need to push myself to do a pitch; I suppose the only thing that will hurt will be my pride (and it will hurt, soooo much!)

I did have fun and discovered some beautiful shops with lovely things, from designers all over the country, including an in-house jeweler.  I also enjoyed the undivided attention of one very knowledgeable young salesperson who seemed to have the right balance of enthusiasm and ability to listen.  These are rare qualities in sales-folk anymore.  (you might say I am being unkind, but this is my opinion and I can back it up with years of my own retail accessories experience.  It’s a special person who has a genuine interest in the making process as well as the human touch.  Usually you’re lucky to get one or the other.)

After such a lovely visit, I made the mistake of floating on jewelry dreams into one last accessory shop; it was one in a chain of such shops, and the salesperson was so bored I felt like I might have interrupted a nap.  She was kind and chipper enough; but when I thanked her to take my leave, she responded with a “thank you, Ma’am.”   If the drizzle and rain hadn’t dampened my spirits enough – that did the trick.

Just in case you’re in retail or you sell to others in any capacity, I would just like to say, “Never use ma’am.  It ages women no matter how old they are.  Better to use the sweet, southern gentile phrase, *dear.*”

It might sound overly douty or weird, but almost everyone likes to think they are someone’s dear; even men.

Thanks for reading; and  have yourself a nice evening, dear.



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Bring on the Blue Skies (and Colors!)

I am usually a huge fan of Dallas in the winter; consisting of bright blue skies and snappy temperatures that keep me clear headed and briskly active.  But this winter has consisted of a daily diet of atmospheric gruel; a cold, wet blanket of ‘meh’ …. not inspiring at all.  Unless a strong urge to nap can be considered inspiration.

So once I (force) myself out of the house and into the studio, I am desirous of color and light.  Experimenting on colorways for a new line and deciding how many items will form the new line (how many necklaces of what length?  How many earrings and bracelets?  Should I even mess with rings?)  Here is what has emerged in the last few weeks.  Most of it is not on my Etsy shop yet (though it should be) but please bear with me.  (they will.)