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Ideas seek me out and knock at the door of my brain; usually I am glad I answered and gave them a voice through my hands!

Mystery Plant *Not* from Outer Space! (we think)

Finally, some hard answers to all of our soft musings about this strange, mutant plant I brought home from Redenta’s and offered for sale recently. 

There it was… a weird little dark green spiky plant, sitting all alone on the bottom shelf, kind of off to one side.  When I bent to pick it up, suddently a bolt of lightening struck.  When I looked down, it wasn’t just dark green and spiky anymore – somehow  it was now covered in a thick layer of purple fur!  But I paid the guy, and took it home anyway.  Later I made a pretty cool concrete pot and transplanted it.  Wow, it really seemed to like that.  So far so good… I still have all my fingers.  However I did think it shifted slightly when I pricked my finger on that cactus…

Purple passion velvet plants (Gynura aurantiaca)

Purple velvet plant, also known as purple passion plant, is a native of Indonesia. It belongs in the family Asteraceae.  Mystery solved.   Or is it?  Come see for yourself at White Rock Market tomorrow!  “Auburn” will be there for your viewing enjoyment.  I might even let you take him home, for a small (red) fee.  bwa haahahhahahaa!

Charity Starts at Home

Steve and I decided to go with our love of cats when we chose the charity we’re going to start giving 5% of our sales to for this coming season.  http://www.kittico.org/

What we like is that this organization is locally based in Dallas, catering to the abundant feral and neglected cat population here.  Since living on lower Swiss avenue many years ago, I’ve done some trap and release on about a half a dozen cats, including nursing the mom’s already born kittens back to health.  This group works tirelessly against the onslaught of unwanted kitties born every year, stopping the problem by fixing them and re-releasing them into their current clan/community, where they can live out their lives hunting vermin and living in harmony with nature.  Sometimes, they are also able to find forever homes for the ones that are not truly feral or have been abused/neglected/thrown out by previous pet owners. 

Please check back to the blog for updates on our donation successes! 


Awesome Local People: Maureen Keating

Friends, please take a moment to click over to the Local People tab on this blog and learn about a local photographer who you will want to call upon to document the most amazing moments with your animals and kids.  Seriously, folks.  She can make even a plant in a concrete pot look elegant.

Recurring Craft Events in Dallas, Spring 2012

Several folks asked me to give them the deets on the Dallas craft scene as I know it.  I will be brief and list the ones that are Dallas-based and which recur every month, starting in March and going through to December. Here they are in the order that they occur each month: 

Bishop Arts Market – First Saturday (and Sunday) of the month, in the parking lot adjacent to Odd Fellows cafe and Chang Thai.  8:00 am – 3:00 pm or later: http://bishopartssaturdaymarket.com/

White Rock Local Market – Second Saturday of the month from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm (with a second show occuring fourth Saturday just for local growers) in parking lot next to Green Spot gas station and market, on Buckner road:  http://whiterocklocalmarket.com/

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – Every Third Saturday of the month, on either side of Malcolm X Boulevard behind Cafe Brazil (which is on Elm Street) in the covered parking lot and in the tents across the road.  Goes from 10 am till 5 pm generally:http://www.deepellummarket.com/home.html

You can find out about annual shows and events all around the metroplex here:  http://festivalnet.com/state/texas/tx.html and also follow http://www.dfwcraftshows.com/ as well as http://www.pegasusnews.com/.  I hope that helps you out somewhat.  I’ll post here on this blog which shows we will be attending.  Hope to see you out there!

Show Schedule for Spring

We’re so excited because we’ve been re-accepted into the White Rock Local Market (alternatively known as the Green Spot Market because of the gas station on that corner). 

Date is Saturday, March 10 from 8:00 am till 1:00 (might be till 2:00 if it’s a beautiful day) with a whole heaping helping of NEW hypertufa, wood, glass, jewelry and just cool things for you to use to beautiful your home and office, or to give as gifts to those deserving folks in your life.  (like teachers!)  I have a bunch of sweet little vase-lets with live plants for less than $15 that I hope you’ll squee over.  Also some larger-format table pieces that utilize driftwood from White Rock Lake.  I think that might be about as local as it gets. 


Later in the Spring, going into summer I daresay, we’ll proudly be representing our neighborhood at the East Dallas Art and Garden Tour on Sunday, May 20!


This annual event is not to be missed, whether you’re into gardening, art, architecture, snooping into the lives of others… ha ha, just kidding there… but truly this is one of the more interesting and edifying of the many home tours that are offered in Dallas every year.  There are nine gardens on offer, three from each of three East Dallas neighborhoods – Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills, and Casa Linda.  Since there is such a concentration of artsy/craftsy/outdoorsy folks living in those areas, the results of the tour are often very pleasantly surprising.

We’ll update the blog to let you know exactly which house you will be able to find us, with our concrete/hypertufa pots and wood sculptures.

‘Branching out’ with new work

If a tree falls in a lake in the middle of Dallas, does anyone take much notice? I kind of do, but that’s why I’m weird.  Maybe you will too once I make something pretty out of it? 

 How about these, for instance?

These pieces of wood came from White Rock Lake, fished out by yours truly and hauled off to my evil lair and workshop, a mere mile away.  This is doing the lake a favor too – it does not need as many rotting branches and roots as end up there (but I leave plenty for the ducks to roost in, no worries!) I think they are just beautiful as a centerpiece, bringing nature indoors.  cau