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Hot off the Press: New photos of Pots planted with Succulents

These incredible photos were made by my wonderful photographer friend, Maureen Keating.  She took these on a table in my backyard, with nothing more than natural lighting and a few funky props.  She made my work look gorgeous, and I could not be more thrilled! 

Maureen is available to shoot weddings, products, and personal portraits.  Please check her out at:

Pot, C.A. Unruh; Photo, Maureen Keating, 2011

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White Rock Local Market- This Weekend!

It’s going to sizzle on that black asphalt, I can already tell.  Thank goodness I found a plastic woven ‘carpet’ to put down.  The 10′ white tent has been worth it’s weight in gold – we’ve used it for about 6-7 outdoor events and I cannot fathom having done them without it.  I still manage to get a little sunburnt – the rays must penetrate the plastic – but nowhere near the shrivelled mess I’d be without it. 

We are getting more clever every time with our heat-combating measures.  Steve packs a LARGE cooler with ice and waters, which we offer to customers and friends.  (they tend to stick around longer!)  Plus this time, I’m whipping out the super-dorky neck coolers that I sewed up last week.  Can’t wait to see how long the cool will last when it gets to cookin’ out there this coming Saturday!

Good news – I’ll have lots of new earrings, plus lots of new ceramic pots and what-nots (creepy baby heads) from my summer school classes at Richland.  Hoping to have lots of folks turn up so that we’re distracted from the heat!   Here are some of the styles I am working on:


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Push me to Petal Pushers!

Petal Pushers Florist – 2615 Oak Lawn Avenue
Suite #103, 75219

I have been fortunate to have some of my work picked up by a wonderful new florist called Dallas Petal Pushers.  Formerly located on Gaston across from Baylor Hospital, owner Shelley Robertson moved the store to Oak Lawn in recent weeks, with a grand opening this past weekend. 

I love the way Shelley’s team, including Tanya and Julie, have organized and decorated the space, with lots of great gifts for sale in addition to the obvious – FLOWERS! 

These guys are in the front window – it’s hard to get a shot through the glass so I leaned over… that’s why it’s at a wonky angle.   Here’s a different view from the back:

And here’s my creations looking all grown up and ready for their close-up!   Thanks to all the gals at Petal Pushers.  I will definitely be giving them some business.  They have a great website too, at

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New Hypertuffa Pots!

Finally, some new work emerging from the back of the backyard… a place where only cats and the occassional squirrel will go of their own accord.  A place where mosquitos outnumber other insects 2/1.  A place where I am obliged to go in order to make the mess that make the pots that get the plants that go to sell (someday) at market.  Weee!

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Fish are phenomenal

I cannot tell you how much I adore the underwater environment.  One of my memorable accomplishments was acquiring a really old fish tank from the 8th grade Physical Science home room when my teacher agreed to sell it to me for $10.  I had to first clean it out (let me tell you, years of neglect told in the strata of algae, fungus, and ultimately mildew layered into the gravel at the bottom of this rusty, square metal box) and haul it away.  I reminded myself that it was “character building,” and for once, I have my father to thank for this, it actually was. 

Now many years later, I’m still looking for ways to incorporate our fine finned friends into daily room-scapes, and I’ve come across this idea.  I call the Fish Abodes.  They are small homes for one beta fish:

Fish Abode with small denizen

 Some folks get these little aquascapes – some don’t.  I’ll admit they are a hard sell at outdoor markets, where the gusts of wind blow all of our stuff around and I cannot really set up and market my items the way I’d really like for them to be seen.  These sales are temporary – from four to seven hours long – and so we mock up one ‘fish abode’ complete with the fish, gravel, and sometimes greenery.  More often than not, if we sell any of the fish abodes, they are usually the models with the live fish.  And usually I feel it necessary to throw the fish into the deal, since there is usually a child involved who is attracted to the fish.  Seeing myself at this age, with this insane love of fish… there’s no way I can refuse.  Here’s another one: 

The neat thing about these is that you can hang them in a window, doorway, or any open space in your house – including a corner of your office.  For those who are working with feng shui, this can be a nice addition of color and life into a ‘dead’ space. 

More later, Chris

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More pictures of pots from 2010-2011

These were made in my backyard, sitting at the awesome concrete faux-bois tables and benches that some long-ago denizen left behind.  Considering our house was built in the 30’s, these might be very old indeed.  They serve a perfect purpose as the support system for yet more concrete adoration.