March, 2013

From D Home style blog, “Love Notes”: (Photo of our succulents below! neat!)

Creative husband and wife duo Dylan and Pamela Dowdy just may be wheeling their small mobile shop to a hot spot (think: concerts, events, shops) near you. The Dowdy Studio Wagon is filled items they make in their studio space in East Dallas…Get to know the couple a little more by reading about the five things they love. Enjoy.

True, they didn’t mention us by name, but we do know these guys and have shared many a sweaty Saturday at numerous local outdoor fairs… so that’s cool.


October, 2012

We couldn’t be more humbled and pleased by our mention in the recently released December edition of the Advocate Magazine, East Dallas version, mainly because we have so much respect and love for the publication.  They always do such a great job of supporting local businesses and highlighting our neighbors that it makes me even more happy and proud to call east Dallas home.  Here’s the mention:

Chris Unruh, One Fish Two Fish

Gift idea: potted plants
Price range:
Where to find it:, craft shows

ED Chris Unruhdip 2012 Holiday gift guide

Chris Unruh Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Chris Unruh is experimenting with doll heads these days.

Some people don’t really get it, she says. But when she uses them to mold cement heads, which she then hollows out and plants succulents inside, some people love them.

Unruh, who went to FIT and designed jewelry in New York for five years, discovered hypertufa, a porous material made of Portland cement, peat moss and either pearlite or aragonite, on a road trip in March 2010. She was on the way to her grandmother’s funeral and reading her stepmom’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine when she found a story about the stuff. The cement mixture is great for growing plants.

Aside from doll heads, Unruh uses yogurt cups and found Styrofoam forms to make hypertufa planters.

“I get excited about trash the way some people get excited about chandeliers,” she says, pulling pieces of Styrofoam from a bin.

Unruh’s company, One Fish Two Fish, sells online, and she is at craft fairs and shows at least two weekends a month. Some of her designs are smooth and geometric; others are rough and rustic. She uses found auto glass as sparkly mulch for the plants.

“This glass came from a wreck on Garland Road,” she says.

Unruh credits her husband, Steve Dickson, for hauling around untold hundreds of pounds of Portland cement. They were married two years ago, and Unruh works part-time for her husband’s structural engineering firm. She also sells her handmade jewelry at


March, 2012

We were tickled orange (much better than pink) to be mentioned in the ever-amazing DHome Blog by one Joslyn Taylor.  

The Blog»Floral

It’s Official: I Need A Succulent Intervention

By Joslyn Taylor
Post date:
March 5th, 2012 2:56pm

I have a (not altogether healthy) succulent issue.  Here’s how things pretty much go down.I spot a succulent, and I have to buy it.  Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.In fact if you added up all the money I’ve spent feeding my succulent addiction over the past couple of years, it would be enough to pay for my family of four to go on a pretty spectacular trip…overseas. I do not exaggerate friends. It’s a bad scene.

So (given how much I’d really like my children to get to experience foreign travel) I’m dialing things back a bit and declaring a ban on any future succulent purchases (no matter how tempting).  In instances like these, the best approach tends to be diversion, which is why I’m now shifting my energy onto finding perfect little homes for all my beloved plants. I already possess a few architectural ceramics by Jonathan Cross (they’re the perfect mate for sculptural succulents), and I’d like to find some pots to add into the mix that don’t complete with my Cross creations but are less mundane than your standard issue terra cotta.

I was instantly intrigued when I spotted  these numbers at Bishop Arts Market yesterday (after a highly satisfying breakfast at Oddfellows).  They’re the handiwork of Christine Unruh who crafts the diminutive containers out of concrete and then carefully considers the perfect succulent mate for each vessel. Christine, you’re my kind of crazy (in the best possible way of course).

I think they might be just the thing to divert me…At least for a while.


Um, Joslyn, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to comp you a succulent.  Your choice.  I’ve got some new ones you haven’t seen yet. 

Also, I found it interesting that she was such a huge fan of Jonathan Cross, which I am as well, having collected some of his ‘brutalist’ style pottery when he was still hanging out with us at the White Rock Local show.  He’s my hero, for reals.

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