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Order Spring Favorites in time for Valentines!

Shortie Laser Light necklaces make great gifts~ Find a color your friend or Valentine likes to wear, place an order here, and I’ll get it ready before Valentine’s Day!
What’s more sexy than long, lustrous, red drapery emerging from a sheath of gold? Well…. these earrings are both beautiful and yet easy to wear. They are lightweight, and stay on thanks to a secure side-loop fastener. You can order them in mono (all red, all clear, etc.) or multi tones. Just convo me from Etsy when you order and I will have them ready before Valentine’s Day.
Did you know what a round window is called? An Oculus; referring to the round Eye shape. These, too, are called Oculus earrings. Round is such a lovely, soft shape that many artists return to time and again. As jewelry, it tends to flatter the faces of most people. These bright pink Oculli are available in soft pink, light blue, dark blue, black, apple green, and more. Surprise your valentine with these lightweight goodies for $48.00. Order here.