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Shows, New Work, and More Shows!

“French Cigarette” Necklaces are taking off! (no lung cancer, just admiring glances!)

So much happening!

We want to thank everyone who has attended our shows in the past few months! We had Makers ReConnect, Etsy Bash, a few Good Local Markets, and the wild and wooly OddFest! A few photos of those coming up on the next post, but for now, here is where we’ll be for the rest of the season! To see a bunch of eye candy that I like to refer to as new designs, please check out the Instagram or the book of Face! Thank you!


Good Local Market

Saturday, November 16  

Time:  8:00 – 1:00 pm
Location: Lake Pointe Church
Address: 9150 Garland Road, Dallas, 75218


Cedars Open Studios Tour
Saturday, November 23
Time:  10:00 – 6:00pm
Location:  Cedars Art House, 1712 Gould


Northaven Gardens Holiday Show
Saturday, December 7
Time:  9:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Northaven Gardens
Address:  7700 Northaven Drive, Dallas 75230


Leslie’s Holiday Art MarketGood Local Markets- HOLIDAY MARKET
Saturday, December 14
Time:  10:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Armadillo Ale Works
Address: 221 S. Bell Avenue Denton, TX  76201  

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Hello, Again! This time I’m all alone…

So, this is awkward.  It’s been four years since I wrote a blog post about my own work.  More like five years, with months on either side of running a little ole retail store called Makers Connect.  (for anyone with burning curiosity, it was located at 10242 E. NW Highway).  For reasons I can’t explain but probably having a lot to do with vanity and whistfulness, I have continued to pay for the upkeep on the Makers Connect shop and the facebook pages, so feel free to go take a look.  We had lots of neat local folks’ work and some really fun times!  If nothing else, the photos are bright and colorful and should amuse your small kids if you have any.   Mom and I worked together most days, and my husband Steve and good friends Lisle, Pamela, Kim and others helped along the way.

It was a great four years, and I don’t regret one minute.  Now that we’re moving on, I am back to my roots; jewelry design.

Since February 2018, I’ve been hunkering down and getting *serious* about improving skills, acquiring mo’ better tools, and just generally ramping up my production of wearable products.  When it came time to decide what to call this endeavor, I decided to go with my old email address, which was also the title of this old blog, Truly Unruhly.  It’s a play on words with my last name, for anyone who didn’t know, and ensures the proper pronounciation thereof  (surprisingly an issue…. I know!)

This post is kind of a test to see if it even makes sense to continue to use this particular site.  I feel there was a pretty good following but all of you have probably wandered off  in the last four years.  Can’t say I blame you.

But stick with me now if you enjoy seeing what fun, funky jewelry I get up to making – along with shares of information and musings about other local artists, many of whom I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting at Makers Connect (and others who Steve and I have known for years.)

Just for fun, here are some images of new stuff!  Please chime in with comments if you have some helpful criticism or advice; and if you prefer the more modern media, feel free to follow along on instagram and facebook! Truly Unr FB bus header 4 part Clearer