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Potted Design

I love the blog that Potted – a pottery, plant, and landscape design store in CA – puts out.  There are lots of wonderful, modern ideas for decorating one’s outdoor spaces, as well as a plethora of really cool pots (and tons of extremely cool succulents inside them!)  Check it out!

These bamboo lights by David Trubridge are incredible.  Is drool bad for a keyboard? 

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Do you like modern pottery?

I think if you found my site, you must have at least a passing interest in modern, handformed, artisan tablewares.  After hours (days?) cruising craft shows and Etsy sites, as well as design blogs like DesignSponge, I would like to share these amazing folks with you now: 

Adam for Heath Studios:

Jonathan Cross: local Dallas/FW artist:

This place is a shop in CA but love it:

I promise to post several more in the coming days, so check back!  Thanks.