Bring on the Blue Skies (and Colors!)


I am usually a huge fan of Dallas in the winter; consisting of bright blue skies and snappy temperatures that keep me clear headed and briskly active.  But this winter has consisted of a daily diet of atmospheric gruel; a cold, wet blanket of ‘meh’ …. not inspiring at all.  Unless a strong urge to nap can be considered inspiration.

So once I (force) myself out of the house and into the studio, I am desirous of color and light.  Experimenting on colorways for a new line and deciding how many items will form the new line (how many necklaces of what length?  How many earrings and bracelets?  Should I even mess with rings?)  Here is what has emerged in the last few weeks.  Most of it is not on my Etsy shop yet (though it should be) but please bear with me.  (they will.)


Why are babies so creepy?

They are supposedly so cute and cuddly, so why do faux babies (otherwise known as dolls) creep us out so much?  I blame the movie industry for jading us.  Then again, I wasn’t ever a fan of the dolls even as a young girl.  They seemed very limited in the amount of creative play one could get out of them.  Now give me some wooden blocks, some Leggos, and a chunck of PlayDoh and it’s game on!

pudge baby succulent 3.4 view

Nevertheless, to quell the growing interest in them as planters and objects of interest around the house, I have created a second baby doll concrete head for you to consider.  We’ll have a few at our next show (Lakewood White Rock Local, April 6) but you can order them here and prepay and I can either deliver or mail them to you. (there is a charge to mail)  The ones you buy online won’t have any plants, but you can request a metal floral frog or a tealight candle at no extra charge.  Tillandsia will soon be on offer (air plants) but these can also be potted up with small succulents or cactus, like this guy.  Love the side view; looks like he’s rocking a faux-hawk.  What a cool kid.  pudge baby and silver bowl

pudge baby faux hawk side view

It’s the Glamorous Life for Us at Concrete Notions!

….and to celebrate what all the omens point to a great year for us Fish peeps, we’ve decided to rename our venture Concrete Notions!  It’s official too, and Chris cannot change her mind.  Why?  Because Steve already crafted this very cool metal table signage with the intials “CN” during one of his recent metal working classes.  Neat!

CN logo with bromeliad

We’re busy as beavers (cold beavers) crafting new pots back in the super-chic, uber-neat workshop.  This is the workshop:  our neighbors who get to enjoy this view could not be more pleased, we’re sure… Yeah, that’s a picnic table and a box full of what looks from this distance like garbage…. but look closer and you’ll see solid gold!  Golden resin, that is.  These are some new molds created using two-part rubber mix poured around custom-crafted models.  We’ve got some cool new pots coming out of these molds  Did we mention that?!  Oh yeah, well that’s the whole point of this exercise.

outdoor viewoutdoor table

There is even a new baby head, a bit fatter in the jowls and more cartoon-y that the previous baby, who was delicate and sweet in her features.  She’ll still be on the menu however.  Had to make another mold for her however, since her old mold gave out the ghost.  We’ve had to change the type of resin we were using for the molds – apparently concrete is very tough on silicone rubber and dries it out. 

outdoor potting tableAnd this is where all the magic happens… the potting table.  Isn’t it super glamorous, just like you imagined it?  Just exactly like Martha Stewart, if she didn’t employ a cast of hundreds to do all her work for her.  Anyway, you can see some of the new pots waiting to be matched with their perfect ‘forever partner plant.’  Awww.  That’s really the most fun part of the process. There is an artistic aspect to considering color, form, dimension, and scale that seems to be what will make our creations different from anything else.  Not always better, just different. 

Here’s a happy little family of freaks waiting to be picked up by someone just like you!  See how they are all very different, and yet sort of maintain a sense of like-a-tude?  That’s like a real family.  There’s always the good one, the trouble maker, the silly one, the troubadour… the one that ran away in a VW van and surfed all summer… I think it’s easy to see which one that one was (to the left, with the crazy surf hair). 
CN Family plants

Come see us this weekend at White Rock Local Market at the Green Spot!  It might be cool so bring your fleece and mittens.  See ya then! – Steve and Chris


Last market of the Year, Dec. 8!

WRLM Holiday posterDon’t miss it!  We’ll be there with a slew of new small and teensy pots for gifting and medium/large ones for keeping.  Yes, they live really well indoors over the winter.  Succulents are alot like animals – once they find a cozy window or tabletop they just soak in the sun and glow.  And grow.   So…go!

In addition we have truly funky Christmas tabletop trees and star ornaments made from recylced cd’s, very simple “Abacus” trees on chopsticks, and lightbulb vases.  Some new jewelry designs too! 

We look forward to seeing all ya’ll. 

Chris & Steve

OneFish, TwoFish Designs

Fall Shows to Look Forward to!

Here is a beautiful example of *one* thing I am digging on this summer:  Glass installations by Dale Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum.  This on is located behind a wall of water, taken at night.  Wow.

In general, however, summer in Texas never fails to bum me out, even when there are loads of new ideas in my sketchbook and a nice, big new studio in which to work!  Am I just a whiny baby who can’t deal with the heat of Texas?  That would be an affirmative, my friend.  However, there’s nothing like the first crisp day to instantly lift my gloom and get me doing the Snoopy dance again!  So let’s all get on the trolly and imagine that we’re already there… in September, or better still, October!  

We’ve already got some shows coming up in those months, so if you’re a planner and you really want to find us this year. feel free to mark up those calendars! 

September 8 – White Rock “Everything” Market:  8:00 am till 1:00 pm

October 13 – White Rock “Everything” Market:  8:00 am till 1:00 pm

October 20-21 – Market in the Meadow Holiday Gift Show – Forest Meadow Junior High School,  9373 Whitehurst Drive, Dallas, 75243.  Saturday hours are 9-5, Sunday hours are 11-5

November 10 – White Rock “Everything” Market: 8:00 am till 1:00 pm

November 17 & 18 – Plano Parks & Rec 34th Annual Christmas Crafts Fair – Oak Point Recreation Center, 6000 Jupiter Road.  Saturday 9-5, Sunday  12-4

December 8 – White Rock Holiday Market: 8:00 am till 5:00 pm

Please stay tuned, as there will be more added soon!  Thanks so much.  We look forward to seeing you.

Upcoming Shows!

They are springing up on our calendar faster than those weird wild onions in the yard.  Here’s where the Fish are going to be in the coming weeks:

March 30, FridayMi Escualita Preschool, 8:00-3:00 at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, corner of Preston and Walnut Hill (see flyer below for more)

April 14White Rock Local Market – 8:00 am -1:00 pm at 702 N. Buckner Blvd,

April 21Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – 11:00-5:00.  We’ll be under the metal awning, not in a tent this time.  Located at 2820 Indiana Blvd.

May 12 – (TBD) White Rock Local Market– 8:00 am -1:00 pm   702 North Buckner Blvd., http://www.whiterocklocalmarket.

May 19Deep Ellum Market (TBD)

May 20White Rock East Garden Tour & Artisans – I hope to be on Daytonia, our fair street, however I won’t know yet. TBD.  There are nine gardens usually on the tour, with three in Little Forest Hills (our n-hood).  Times:  11am-5pm Tickets: On Sale at Casa Linda Park and at one home in east ‘hood.  Info from last year:  Http://

May 25Pegasus Market – Friday from 11-2 at Pegasus Park in Downtown Dallas.

Recurring Craft Events in Dallas, Spring 2012

Several folks asked me to give them the deets on the Dallas craft scene as I know it.  I will be brief and list the ones that are Dallas-based and which recur every month, starting in March and going through to December. Here they are in the order that they occur each month: 

Bishop Arts Market – First Saturday (and Sunday) of the month, in the parking lot adjacent to Odd Fellows cafe and Chang Thai.  8:00 am – 3:00 pm or later:

White Rock Local Market – Second Saturday of the month from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm (with a second show occuring fourth Saturday just for local growers) in parking lot next to Green Spot gas station and market, on Buckner road:

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – Every Third Saturday of the month, on either side of Malcolm X Boulevard behind Cafe Brazil (which is on Elm Street) in the covered parking lot and in the tents across the road.  Goes from 10 am till 5 pm generally:

You can find out about annual shows and events all around the metroplex here: and also follow as well as  I hope that helps you out somewhat.  I’ll post here on this blog which shows we will be attending.  Hope to see you out there!

Where are the Fish in December?

And now for a Holiday Message from your local crafters at One Fish, Two Fish…

Oh my gosh, my golly.. is it really time for mistletoe and holly!? Holy reindoor poop, it is!  I suppose we may as well get happy about it.  Why?  ‘Cause there’s lots of neat handmade stuff from local artists (like us) to warm your heart and make you glad, at  easy- to- acquire- prices.  Best of all, it’s made in America, friends!

One Fish, Two Fish will have alot of new jewelry, stained glass mosaics, and upcycled glass creations to amuse you, plus some super special tongue-in-cheek cheesy wreaths and funky dioramas full of glitter and woodland creatures.  Just like when you were a kid.

Saturday, Dec. 10White Rock “Green Spot” Market – 702 N. Buckner, in a white tent in the the parking lot.

This special-edition Christmas Show will be larger than most monthly shows.  Hours are extended too, from 9:00 am till 3:00.  Come dressed warmly and enjoy all the yummy baked goods and eggy tacos while browsing all the cool booths.

Saturday, Dec. 17Deep Ellum Outdoor Market -2820 Indiana Blvd. at Malcolm X Boulevard, Deep Ellum (a few steps from the new DART train stop!)  We’ll be set up under the metal awning, not in our usual tent this time. There will be
great live music, funky vendors, and a festive neighborhood vibe.

White Rock Local Market- This Weekend!

It’s going to sizzle on that black asphalt, I can already tell.  Thank goodness I found a plastic woven ‘carpet’ to put down.  The 10′ white tent has been worth it’s weight in gold – we’ve used it for about 6-7 outdoor events and I cannot fathom having done them without it.  I still manage to get a little sunburnt – the rays must penetrate the plastic – but nowhere near the shrivelled mess I’d be without it. 

We are getting more clever every time with our heat-combating measures.  Steve packs a LARGE cooler with ice and waters, which we offer to customers and friends.  (they tend to stick around longer!)  Plus this time, I’m whipping out the super-dorky neck coolers that I sewed up last week.  Can’t wait to see how long the cool will last when it gets to cookin’ out there this coming Saturday!

Good news – I’ll have lots of new earrings, plus lots of new ceramic pots and what-nots (creepy baby heads) from my summer school classes at Richland.  Hoping to have lots of folks turn up so that we’re distracted from the heat!   Here are some of the styles I am working on:


Green Spot Market!

We arrived at the Green Spot already hot and sweaty on Saturday morning around 7:00, but set up our new PopUp tent from Sam’s with high expectations.  After a few hours of looky-loo’s, we were feeling a little depressed about the whole deal.  Then luck fell out of the sky with a big sale!  And from there the little sales started trickling in.  Overall, a pretty good net for a four hour show!  (note to self; try to make lighter, less fragile items for sale next time – like jewelry!)  Pottery with live plants is just craziness.